Toss The Peanuts – Lohri Party Game

lohri party gameThings Required

  • Five empty coke cans (you can optionally use 5 tumblers or bowls)
  • A bowl filled with peanuts

How To Play

  • Place five cans in a line on the table and number them 1,2,3,4 and 5.
  • Keep the  distance of  about 8-10 incches between the cans.
  • The game is each player has to stand in front of the can and toss the peanuts in each can according the number i.e if the can is with number 3 the player has to toss three peanuts in that can and so on.
  • Time limit is one minute


The player who is able to put correct number of peanuts in the cans.

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