Two To Tango – Couple Party Game

Two To Tagno-Couple Party GameNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction. More the number of couples, more fun it is.

Things required

  • Same size Paper or Cloth as per the number of couples. (Newspaper is a good option too)
  • Music

How to Play

  • The couple has to start dancing on the paper/cloth after the music starts without stepping off the paper.
  • After some time the music stops and the couples have to fold the paper/cloth into half and start dancing again
  • After regular intervals the paper/cloth have to be folded into halves.


Couple who dances till the last without stepping off the paper/cloth is the winner.

Vow, that will bring the couple really close while dancing on the floor… oops not floor but paper ;). Hope you will have fun playing this game. Do share your experience with us…!! 🙂


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