Unscramble Love Phrases – Couple Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction. More the number of couples, more fun it is going to be.

Things required

  • Pen/Pencil for all the couples
  • Sheets of Scrambled Love Phrases like – idnk si olev (Love is kind), ovel em gaina (Love me again), efil ym eth ot oevl fo (To the love of my life), ovel olfddinlb (Blindfold love), ovel  uert ym (My true Love), veern ovel esdaf (Love never fades), ouy olev ithw ym ulos, (Love you with my soul ), ongl ovel ersffsu  (Love suffers long)

How to Play

  • Give one sheet to all the couples with scrambled love phrases
  •  Ask all the couples to unscramble the  phrases
  • Time limit is one minute


The couple who unscramble the maximum correct phrases wins.


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