Wrap The Gifts – Christmas Party Game


Things Required

  • Lots of gifts with their boxes
  • Gift wrapping material
  • Three tables

How To Play

  • Keep some gifts on table no. 1
  • Corresponding boxes  or gift bags on table no. 2
  • Gift wrapping material for example a pair of scissors, tape, glue, wrapping paper, ribbons,  etc. on table no. 3.
  • Each team has to wrap as many gifts as possible.
  • Divide the players into teams 4-5.
  • Give one minute to the teams so that they can assign the tasks among themselves for example who will bring the gifts, and who is going to pack etc.
  • As the  time starts, they have to go table no. 1, pick the gifts, then to table no. 2 pick the gift box or gift bag according the gift which they have chosen and finally to table no.3 to take the gift wrapping material and back to their team.
  • Time limit is 10 minutes.


  • The team who has wrapped maximum no. of gifts  will win.

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