15 Gift Ideas For Men

gift ideas for men, birthday gift ideas for men, men gift ideasMen are Men. They are strong, tough but they are emotional, fragile as well. If everyone needs special treatment, then why don’t men. Gifts are a perfect idea to tell them that they are special.

Guys are very specific about their things, it is not so simple to choose gifts for them. You can’t be sure that they will definitely appreciate your gift. But men love to be pampered & the best way to win their heart is to buy them a perfect gift.

The matter of a “perfect gift”, however, is quite subjective. You have to do a lot of homework to select the right gift for them. But you don’t have to worry because in this article we are sharing some perfect & unique gift ideas for men.

1. Leather Is Always In

You can make a hamper of leather things like wallet, leather belt, multi utility bag, leather card holder with pen, hats, etc. Leather items usually make an ideal birthday gift for men.

2. Gadgets Are Men’s First Choice

Smart phones, iphones, tablet PCs, laptops, ipads, ipods, play stations, digital cameras, PS3, etc. are the perfect gadgets. These are like forever gifts for men – they will love it when you gift a new gadget, be it any occassion.

3. Clothing For Men

You can gift him, his favorite clothing line. Shirts, trousers, formals, casuals, blazers can be chosen. You can select traditional kurtas; sherwani etc. also or you may go for latest indo western trends. A gift as simple as an elegant tie would win his heart.

4. Tickets To His Favorite Sport

Arrange tickets of his favorite sport. Cricket match, football match, polo match, horse racing, formula-1 racing are the common sports which men like. There is no doubt that you will get a tight hug in return, so every penny spent will be worth it.

5. Shaving Kit

It is a useful gift for men. You can make a pack of his favorite after shave lotion, his favorite cologne, perfumes, body sprays etc. it will make him really happy & delighted. How about an electric shaver?

6. Premium Liquor

Believe it or not, men really like to spend some money over booze. You can have a nice brand whiskey or wine which is his favorite. It will make him surprised & it can be a different gift from you.

7. Personalized T-Shirts, Mugs, Cards, Calendars

You can get your favorite pictures printed on coffee mugs, on calendars, on cards etc. You can also get the sun sign coffee mugs, text T-shirts, photo frames, posters, key chains etc. Gifts with personal touch are really appreciated anytime.

8. Favorite Movie Tickets

You can arrange tickets of  his favorite movie or theatre program. It will be definitely a surprise for him & will give you an opportunity to spend some quality time with him.

9. Desk Accessories

You can gift pens, card holders, pen holders, desktop toolbox, coin storage, night clock, LED desk lamp, personalized metal name bar, calculators, paperweights etc. which he can keep on his work desk.

10.Personal Accessories

Wrist watches, towels & bathrobes, shoes, bracelets, cuff links, gold or funky neck pieces are some special & easily available gift. Wrist watch is an all time favorite gift idea for men.

11.Romantic Gifts

A bunch of flowers, cards, romantic show pieces can be a great gift idea.

12.Music & Literature

Books & magazines, Music CDs, Games CDs can be an interesting idea for gifts. PS2/PS3/XBox games make a great gift if your guy like to play video games.

13.Bon Appetit

Make his favorite meal & surprise him. It is well said that a men’s heart goes through his stomach.

14. Gym Gadgets

This is for men who love to work out and spend their time at gym. You may get him a pulse montior, calorie tracker, body analyser or a pair of gym shoes.

15. Only Words

Writing a poem for you men can turn out to be a great gift idea. It will be romantic gift with personal touch and gives you a nice opportunity to express your feelings.

Hope you find these ideas handy when you finalize a gift for your men. Apart form these ideas, first things perhpas would be to figure out if he needs something or planning to buy some stuff for himself. Getting that from you will totally surprise him and he will be all the more happy.

Do share these ideas with your friends if you like them and let us know if you have more such ideas in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear back from you. 🙂


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