Aim The Candy Bag – Kids Party Game

aim_the_candy_bagThings Required

  • 15-20 bags of candies or as per the no. of children
  • One wooden stick

How To Play

  • Hang a big sized bag half filled with candies in the middle of the room.
  • Blindfold the child with some soft cotton cloth.
  • Give the child one stick and make him stand two feet apart from the bag.
  • Turn him round three times and then ask him to hit the bag with the stick.
  • He will be given three chances to hit the bag.
  • If he misses to hit the bag, he is a looser and if he hits it he has won the candy bag.
  • Again hang another candy bag for the next player for the game to continue.


All the children who have won the candy bags !!

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