Dancing Santa – Christmas Party Game

dancing santa - christmas party game

Things Required

  • Hat, white gloves, belt with big buckle, white beard and Santa Cap as per the number of participants
  • Five Tables

How To Play

  • The game is that everybody has to dress up as Santa Claus while dancing.
  • Keep all the five things separately on five tables.
  • As the music starts, everybody will start dancing.
  • In between the music will stop for a second and the host will say “gloves” Everybody will grab a pair of gloves, and put it on while dancing.
  • If they stop dancing they will be OUT of the game.
  • Then again the music will stop for a second and a call for the second item for eg. Belt and so on till all the five things are done.


The winners can be more than one. The participant who kept on dancing while dressing up till the last or who has dressed himself the best while dancing.


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