Pin The Tail On Black Cat – Halloween Party Game

pin_the_tail_of_black_catIt’s a lovely game for Halloween party as there will be no one who would not enjoy it. Hooting, guiding and misguiding each other will increase the fun of this game. Let’s play and have fun 🙂

Things Required

  • A big picture of Black cat without tail pasted on a poster.
  • Printed tails.
  • Double sided tape or glue.
  • Band to close the eyes.

How To Play

  • Fix the large poster of black cat in your party hall.
  • Give each guest a printed tail and ask them to pin the tail one by one.
  • Now cover their eyes with a band, revolve them and then leave to pin the tail.


The person who will able to pin the tail properly or the closest on the black cat will be the winner.

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