8 Twisted Musical Chair Games For Kids

1.Musical Smiley  An interesting game with three smiley balls which can be played on any occasion. Know more about Musical Smiley 2.Musical Rainbow A different version of musical chairs party game in which players have to step on rainbow colored clouds and whoever steps on non-rainbow colored clouds is considered out. Know more about Musical Rainbow 3.Musical Towels This game is just like musical chair.  Keep the beach towels on the sand in a big circle one less than the no. of players.  {Read More}

8 Fun Games For Halloween Theme Party

1.Spider Web Walk Make a spider web with the help of any colored tape on the floor.  Put some plastic spiders on the web and the prize in the middle of the web. Mark a starting and finishing point.  As the time starts. the player has to walk on the tape and has to reach the finishing point and collect his prize.  The twist of the game is that he has to collect all the spiders lying in between without {Read More}

15 Games For Halloween Theme Party

1.Halloween Musical Walk Draw a big circle on the floor. Now either paste the picture of any Halloween character like mummy, full moon, bat, devil, ghost, pumpkin, spider, witch etc. or draw it on the floor.  All the players will stand around the circle. Blindfold all the players.  As the music starts, everybody will start walking in the circle  around the picture just like musical chair.  As the music stops, the players standing on the picture are out the game. {Read More}

Trick Or Treat – Party Game

Things Required 6 ping pong balls Prizes for the guests How To Play Get 6 ping pong balls and write ‘trick’ on 3 balls and ‘treat’ on another 3 balls. Ask the participant to find one ball from the bowl. If he/she gets ‘trick’ ball, he has to do some silly or funny things as per the demand of other guests. If he gets the ‘treat’ ball then he will get the prize. To add more fun in your game, {Read More}

Roll The Pumpkin Closer – Halloween Party Game

Things Required Some large and small pumpkins How To Play Place a large pumpkin on ground. Give small pumpkin to each participant and ask them to roll it closest to the large one. Winner      The player who will roll the pumpkin closest to the large pumpkin will be the winner. The player will be disqualified if he hits the large pumpkin. The winner will get prize. You can play until you run out of the prizes 🙂

Create Halloween Characters – Halloween Party Game

Things Required A sheet containing 6-7  Halloween characters like black cat, bat, witch, ghost etc, Different color chart papers including white Double-sided tape Glue A set of sketch pens A scissor Extra material to make those characters like feather boa How To Play Give one sheet to every participant. They have to choose any two characters according to their choice. They have to make them and paste them on the white chart paper using glue and double sided tape. After {Read More}

Know Your Halloween – Halloween Party Game

Things Required A list of  questions as below : What’s the name of the day after Halloween? –  All Saints’ Day What is meaning of Halloween.? – All Hallows Eve Which vegetable was traditionally carved before the pumpkin? – Turnip What color orange and black in Halloween represent? – Orange represents The harvest and black represents Death or darkness. In 2009, what was the 6th most popular adult Halloween costume? – Cat Name the game where apples are placed in {Read More}

The Camera Scavenger Hunt – Party Game

Things Required List of the things you want to have pictures with participants. Halloween costumes How To Play Divide the participants into two teams and give each team a list of things with which they need to have photographs. e.g. click photograph with policeman, with a bouncer, with some funny objects etc. Winner The team who will collect all the pictures in minimum time, will be the winner.

Guess The Body Parts – Halloween Party Game

You need to do a lot of homework for the preparations of this halloween party game. First find out what things you can cook or bring which looks like human body parts such as cooked penne pasta- fingers, Olives/ peeled grapes- Eyes, cooked lasagna/ round cut pumpkin- Ears, large shell pasta/ lasagna cut in a tongue shaped- Tongue etc. Things Required Body parts like cooked or uncooked items How To Play Put the Halloween items in different small bowls and {Read More}

Make Some Noise & Catch Your Prey – Halloween Party Game

Things Required Rope Gloves and Mask How To Play Divide your guests in two teams and name them as Halloween characters e.g. Black Cat and Bat. One person from each team will be the Monster. Blindfold the monster and ask the both teams to make a circle around the monster. Now monster will growl in it’s team voice i.e. if black cat, monster should do meow-meow and if bat, monster should make little squeaks. As the monster will growls the members {Read More}