Evening Snacks Tambola – Kids Party Game

Playing Tambola With Props

Things required

  • Paper and pencil for each player
  • One Sheet on which names of snacks are written like biscuit, cake, chips, 5star, upma, poha, burger, sandwich, French fries, vada pav,  etc, say about 35 snack items.
  • 35 chits of snacks according to the list.
  • One empty bowl
  • 4-5 prizes

How to Play

  • Give paper and pencil to each children and ask them to draw squares so as to make 30 small squares in them just like bingo ticket.
  • Announce  all the snack items written on the paper and ask them to write the names of 15 most favorite snacks items according to them in any order in any square. (5 in each line) and keep the remaining squares blank.
  •  The organizer then goes around the children and tell them to pick one chit from the bowl.
  • He then announces the name of snack and the children who has that snack on his sheet has to strike it off as well as the organizer has to strike the item on the list of snacks for verifying.
  • Game ends when first five children manages to strike all the snacks in their sheets..


First five children who has managed to strike all the snacks in their sheet are  the Winners.

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