Observation & Memory Game – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • Paper and pen for every one

How To Play

  • Let all the children sit  just like they sit in their classrooms.
  • Tell them that somebody will come to their room and they have to observe him/her about the several activities he/she does.
  • As the time starts, call that person and according to the plan she will do several activities such as change the time on the clock, will switch on the fan, will open the almirah and then close it,  will talk to someone,  close the window etc. and then he/she  leaves the room.
  • As she leaves the room tell all the children have to write down the activities carried out by him/her serial wise.
  • Time limit is one minute.
  • After they finished writing, ask them some questions like what is the color of her dress?  Is she wearing specs? What is she holding in her hand?  etc.


  • The child who gives the maximum right answers is the winner.

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