15 Games for Women’s Day

1. Have You Ever A fun group party game in which participants have to answer a set of 25 questions. The one who will score maximum will be the winner. Check out have you ever… 2. Purse Scavenger Hunt Divide the ladies into groups of 5-6.  Give a list of common things usually you find in ladies purse and a bowl. The group has to search those things in their purses and put them in the bowl. The list can {Read More}

Hug Your Mom – Birthday Party Game

Things Required Music to play How To Play All the moms should stand in a circle surrounded by their children in another circle. As the music starts,  mothers will walk clockwise while the children will walk anticlockwise. As the music stops, children have to either hug their mother or kiss her on her cheek. The slowest mom and child will be considered  OUT. The game continues till last pair is left and they will be declared as winners.

Masala Smiley – One Minute Party Game

Things Required 1 bowl filled with bangles 1 bowl filled with  black peppers 1 bowl filled with cinnamon sticks 1 bowl filled with dry red chillies How To Play Give the  above  four bowls to the player. The game is that players have to make smiley’s with these spices. For eg. keep the bangles as round face, put black peppers  as eyes then cinnamon stick as nose and slightly twist  the dry red chilli and use them as lips. Time {Read More}

Score Your Style – Karva Chauth Party Game

Things Required A list as below to score the points 5 marks if the hair is tied and 3 marks if not tied. 5 marks for small earrings and 3 marks for long earrings, 5 marks if the color of the dress is red, green and pink and 3 marks for any other color, 5 marks for wearing a nose pin and 3 marks for not wearing a nose pin, 5 marks for the nail paint that matches the dress {Read More}

Powerful Indian Women – One Minute Party Game

Things Required Printouts of chart containing images of some popular women for example Kiran Bedi, Etka Kapoor, Ritu Kumar, Kalpana Chawala, Meira Kumar Arundhati Roy, Chanda Kochar, Shahnaz Hussain, Indu Jain,Simone Tata,Neelam Dhawan,Farah Khan etc. as per the number of players Pen/Pencil How To Play Give one printout and pen/pencil to each player. The players have to identify them and write their names below the image. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to identity the {Read More}

Handbag Tambola Game

Things Required Paper and pencil for each player  One empty bowl Take printout of below tambola ticket as per the number of participants: How To Play Give paper, pencil & handbag tambola to each participant. Now ask them to take out the items from their purse and write any 10 things in the squares three in each row  for eg. Lipstick, credit card, driving license, safety pin, coin, pen,  tissue, bandaid, lipbalm, medicine, comb, key chain, a piece of jewellery, {Read More}

Mother’s Day Tambola Game

Things Required Make a list 45-50  words  which are related to mothers for exmaple home, grandmother, card, special day, picture, caring, kisses, flowers, thanky ou, heart, roses, laugh, devoted, sacrifice, loving, adorable, surprise, son, phone, party, mother, mom,  memories, May, love, kids, husband, gifts, dinner, daughter, card, cake, pride,happy, wonderful, best,  friends, pamper ,selfless, perfumes and cosmetics, jewellery, handbag, music, watch, favorite, saree, dress, photo etc. Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants. Write down {Read More}

Have You Ever – Party Game

Things Required Make a  questionnaire as below and get it photocopied as per the number of players. The participants has to answer these questions in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone? Have you ever milked a cow? Have you ever written an article for a newspaper? Have you ever kissed somebody by mistake? Have you ever gone to greet a friend or family member then noticed it was someone else? Have you ever {Read More}