20 Ideas For Kid’s Party Activities

Date check. Venue check. Invitations check. Kids…??? Well, for any party host, one of the biggest question is how to keep kids engaged during the party. Keeping kids entertained and engaged throughout the party is no less than a challenge. Keeping kids busy also leave some space for parents to enjoy the party mood and collaborate with their friends & family. We are sharing a couple of ideas for kids activities that can be arranged during any party. Get a {Read More}

Mickey Carnival Theme For Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your kid is never an easy task and choosing a perfect theme for the party makes it even tougher. In this article, we are sharing party decoration ideas for mickey carnival (disney) theme party. Here is a compiled list of ideas that can be executed to give your party a theme of kid’s one of the favorite cartoon character – mickey mouse. 1. Mickey Carnival Invites The first and foremost things for any party is {Read More}

Rainbow Theme Party Ideas

In today’s world where we are living a busy and hurried life, we should have parties with a good theme. Theme parties keep people lively, excited and interested. We must keep the topic of the theme party a fascinating one. It creates fun, enjoyment and interaction among your guests. A rainbow theme party is a perfect party idea to welcome monsoon and enjoy the colors around you.  Decoration Decorate the entrance with balloon banner in an arch shape just as {Read More}

Cricket Based Theme Party Ideas

Cricket, cricket, and cricket, this fever is always there throughout the year whether it is a test match or one day international or 20-20 or IPL among us. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. India is a cricket loving country. Since IPL is going on, it’s the time to throw a cricket theme party. A theme party is fun which creates interaction among the guests. When we arrange a theme party, our focus should be {Read More}

1st Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Planning first birthday party of your kid can be really exciting and at the same time confusing. How to do, what to do, when to do are some typical questions to answer for planning a perfect get together. Mona shared couple of party ideas for kids’s first birthday party in one of her post, you may like to look at it here. In this article, we are sharing party decoration ideas for 1st birthday party. We have compiled a list {Read More}

Flower/Floral Theme Party Ideas

People organize parties to have fun & socialize. The better way to show your creativity is to have a theme party.  We can host a refreshing and colorful flower based theme party not only during Spring when the pretty flowers bloom all around you and nature looks so beautiful with greenery and full of life but also at any time of the year with a combination of artificial and seasonal flowers. The party can be indoor or outdoor. Here we {Read More}

Return Gift Ideas For Your Party

Any party planner will plan for return gifts as gifts are the most convenient way of expressing emotions. Not just that, even the recipient feels special. Gifts can be decided according to the theme of the party like if it is a couple party we can choose a common gift for example Tablemat, Bed sheet etc. or individual gifts for both the partners such as Tie for the Gentleman and Imitation Jewelry for the Lady. Before buying the gifts, you must {Read More}

Party Ideas For Your Kid’s First Birthday

Kid’s first birthday is a big milestone for parents and the kid alike. It is all the more exciting when it’s your first baby turning one. It is very natural for parents to think about celebrating the first birthday. Planning first birthday party of your baby is a lot of fun and not to mention a lot of work too. But before you plan the party for the big day, consider following things: Do you want a BIG party inviting {Read More}