Navratri Prasad – Party Game

maa durga

Things Required

  • Panch Meva Prasad which is distributed during Navratri  i.e. makhane, almonds(badam), cashew nuts (kaju), small pieces of dry coconut and raisins
  • One empty bowl

How To Play

  • Mix all the panchmeva prasad in a big bowl.
  • Make small chits of panchmeva and put them in a bowl.
  • The game is that the player has to take out one chit.
  • As per the chit,  players have to separate that particular thing  from that big bowl for ex. if the chit is for almonds the players have to separate the almonds and put them in the empty bowl.
  • Count the no. of almonds separated in the bowl.
  • Time limit is in one minute.


  • The person who has separated the maximum no. wins.

After the game is over, the players can take that particular meva as prasad whatever they have collected in the bowl.

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