Fun With Numbers – Party Game

fun with numbers

Things Required Display cards as described below How To Play Divide the players into two or more teams according to the no. of players. Make two (or as per no. of teams) sets of display cards of 15”x15” size consisting 10 cards in each set and write one digit on one card ie. from 0 to 9. Give one set to each team. Call out some set of nos. randomly  say 240, 768, 9850, 1397 i.e comprising of digits from {Read More}

One Minute Dress Up – Party Game


Things Required One colorful joker type cap One funky type goggles A garland of fresh flowers How To Play Give the above things to  any one of the players. The game is that the player has to wear the cap, goggles and then the garland in her neck and has to greet everybody with folded hands according to the party theme for ex. Happy Mothers Day, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas etc. After that she has to remove all the {Read More}

Scratch & Win Tambola – Tambola Game

scrach & win

Things Required Tambola board as explained below Tokens for playing How To Play Take a cardboard 15’x15′ size  and paste white sheet on it. Draw 90 blocks just like tambola board. Write the name of the small gifts like a bar of chocolate, smiley ball, a pen, pencil and rubber, a key ring etc. or some prize money in 25 or 30 blocks or per the wish of the host. Leave around 40 blocks blank or can write better luck {Read More}

Dice Tambola – Tambola Game


Things Required Tambola tickets Tambola board and tokens One dice How To Play Distribute the tickets and all the players should sit in a circle. This tambola has to be played with dice. Before starting the game place all the tokens on the board. The game is that everybody has to throw the dice and if 1 no. comes the player will cut one number in his/her ticket as per his/her choice. Then the player will announce the no. which {Read More}

Hug Your Mom – Birthday Party Game

kids birthday party game

Things Required Music to play How To Play All the moms should stand in a circle surrounded by their children in another circle. As the music starts,  mothers will walk clockwise while the children will walk anticlockwise. As the music stops, children have to either hug their mother or kiss her on her cheek. The slowest mom and child will be considered  OUT. The game continues till last pair is left and they will be declared as winners.

Whistling Snacks – Party Game


Things Required Some snacks for eg. slice of fruit cake, donut or any sweet etc. Whistles as per the no. of players How To Play Let all the players sit in a circle. Give two slice of any snack for eg.  fruit cake, donut, any sweet etc. and one whistle to all the players. As the time starts, everybody will put the cake in their mouth and start eating. The game is  that everybody  have to finish their snacks and {Read More}

Guess& Sketch The Object – Party Game


 Things Required A small bag full of some objects like ball, pencil, stapler, pen, an apple, a pack of biscuits etc.or according to the theme of the party Drawing sheet and pen for all the players How To Play Divide the players in pairs. Let them sit back to back. Give the bag to one player and drawing sheet  and pen to other. As the time starts, the player with the bag will take out one thing from the bag {Read More}

Say No To ‘Yes Or No’ – Party Game

yes or no

 Things Requried A list of common questions How To Play Make a list of common questions for ex. Do you play cricket?  Do you like watching old movies? etc. Choose one person who will ask the questions. Time limit is one minute. The twist of the game is that the player has to answer  the questions  without saying ‘Yes or No’ As the time starts he will start asking the question to any one of the players. The player has {Read More}

Identify My Childhood – Childhood Party Game


Things Required Childhood photograph of the guests A board How To Play While organizing a childhood party request your guests to bring a childhood photo. Let the organizer collect the photos and put it on a board with a number. Give one sheet to everybody to identify the childhood picture and write the name against each no. Time limit is one minute Winner The player who writes the maximum correct answers wins!!

Abbreviations Funda – Party Game


Things Required Take a print out of the following  list of words as per the no. of players. NEWSPAPER CHESS COLD JOKE  DATE NASA TEA WWF COMPUTER ATM FMCG LOL NGO MMS PSU How To Play Give one printout and pen to the players We use these words many times but their full form or meaning many of us don’t know Let them write the full forms Time limit is two minutes The answers are 1.North East West South Past {Read More}